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Welcome to the Virtual Oral Histology Lab using the e-Scope

Via the tabs above there are slides available in the virtual histology lab for:

For all slides click on the area or areas of interest demarcated in black to activate the e-Scope and load the relevant slide.

When the e-Scope is activated, you may move around the slide by using the navigation inset in the top left-hand corner, by using the pan controls below the image or by dragging on the image with the mouse. Magnification can be increased or decreased via the zoom control below the image or by clicking on the image. The magnification range indicated is the combined magnification of objective multiplied by a 10x eyepiece equivalent.



If you click on the link below you will be taken to the Molecular Expressions' 'Microscopy Primer' web site, hosted by Florida State University. The link is to a section that provides a detailed, interactive, tutorial on setting up the  illumination on a conventional light microscope. Almost every aspect of microscopy is covered somewhere in the site, many illustrated by interactive java applets. Click here..

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